19 January 2021 04:43:26 PM

Putprop makes changes to the Board

- 2018-06-17 11:41:28 AM

Putprop Limited has announced that Mr Gerrit van Heerden ("Gerrit"), Ms René Styber ("René") and Ms Anna Lucia Carleo-Novello ("Anna") have been appointed to the Board, with effect from 1 July 2018. Gerrit holds a B.Sc. Eng. (Civil Engineering) degree from the University of Pretoria and has 40 years of engineering experience.

Gerrit has extensive exposure to township and development schemes with particular reference to municipal services designs, implementation thereof and project and contract management. Gerrit joined GVM Incorporated, a private engineering firm in 1993 as a director, where after he became the Managing Director and owner in 2005, a position which he holds to date. Gerrit joins the Board as an independent non-executive director.

René is a sales professional with 28 years of management experience across a variety of fields including, inter alia, product management, residential and commercial property sales and company management. René has successfully managed her own commercial property business since its inception in 2010 and most recently, is a director of Rosh Pinah Properties Proprietary Limited, where she manages a team of brokers as well as day-to-day operations. René joins the Board as an independent non-executive director.

Anna has executive managerial experience in both property administration and development, as well as over 25 years’ experience in retail markets. She has held numerous board positions in both listed and non-listed companies. Anna has previously served on the Board of Putprop and will be joining the Board as an executive director.

The Board welcomes Gerrit, René and Anna, and looks forward to their contribution the Company.